Left footed centre-backs - ready for the next step


Using data and watching the footage we determined a list of interesting left-footed centre-backs who are ready for the next step in their career. We filtered them by their height so there are no centre-backs who are below 185 cm tall and there is no player born before 1994. 

Nowadays football requires the centre-backs to be more than just good defenders, meaning they need to have the ability to contribute to the build-up from the back. Because of that, we searched for centre-backs who can make an impact in both the attacking and defending phase. 

Crucial metrics we looked for are: progressive passes per 90, progressive runs per 90, successful defensive actions per 90, PAdj interceptions, defensive duels won %, aerial duels won %, long passes per 90 and passes into the final third per 90. 

We will mention the top seven left-footed centre-backs who already play at top clubs and won’t feature in our shortlist but they will serve as examples of what we want from our left-footed centre-backs. Some are better progressors of the ball, meaning they suit possession-style football, while some are physically and defensively strong, providing stability at the back, and of course, some are a combination of both.