What we provide


Off-the-Shelf + Bespoke Reports for football clubs and agents.

We provide a full range of reports from off-the-shelf to fully bespoke to help you get ahead of your competition.

Off-the-shelf - €99 per report

Pre-written reports covering Player Shortlists, League Squad Depth Reports, Opposition Analysis and Head Coach Reports. We help club staff and registered agents make a difference by increasing their scouting capability and maximizing their budget, especially in scouting lesser known leagues. 

We provide..

Player Shortlist reports

Example: 10x U21 left-backs ready for League Two 

Example: Top 10 central midfielders playing in Ligue 2 ready for the Championship in England

League Squad Depth reports

Example: Every League One squad profiled showing what positions they need to recruit

Opposition analysis reports

Alternative, detailed analysis on how to beat XYZ club

Head coach reports

Example: Five U40 English Head Coaches to watch

Bespoke Reports

Bespoke reports tailored to the exact client needs.

We blend metrics, tactics, quick turnaround times and years of experience to match your timeline.

We provided a report - with data visuals and detailed yet easy-to-understand analysis - to help you make smarter decisions.

Short player profile (one visual, short write up on player explaining the data) - €50

Full player scout report (including data, visuals etc) - €150

Matching player to suitable clubs - additional €100 to either of the above

Full opposition analysis - €200

Full recruitment dossier - €150 per position

Full club dossier - league analysis, data analysis, squad depth analysis, tactical analysis, recruitment analysis, 4x full player reports - €750

Match coding

With analysis departments being cut back, analysts are stretched to be able to do all the tasks that are needed each week. Let us take the match tagging/coding off your hands and free your analyst up to focus on other tasks.

Our experienced coders can offer same-day delivery on the match you want coded and we can analyse if to your specific requirements, matching up to your club style of play and philosophy - tracking the key data components you require.

Virtual Department

We do the heavy lift for you with all the flexibility you want and the timeline that you need. Get unlimited access to everything above for one monthly fee - no contracts.