Best centre-backs in bottom half of Ligue 1


Ligue 1 decided to stop their games as soon as the pandemic got worse, essentially locking the teams’ positions in place.

This, however, presents a good opportunity because some teams that might have had the potential to rise through the ranks did not get the chance to do so in the end. Consequently, it means that there could be quality players in these teams that are still undervalued due to their team’s final positioning in the table.

We will be exploring these more in-depth. In particular, we will analyse the centre-backs in the 10 bottom teams of Ligue 1. These are: Angers, Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest, Metz, Dijon, Saint-Étienne, Nimes, Amiens, and Toulouse.

We will assess them on four key metrics we think will give you a good indication of their overall ability and then suggest 10 centre-backs that might be worth looking into.