Best defenders in relegated LaLiga teams


The 2019/20 La Liga season is already behind us and Real Madrid have been crowned champions, reclaiming the title that was held in Barcelona's arms four times in the last five years. And while the world's attention is mostly fixated on the top of the table, the very bottom is also where a lot of action happens as well.

So far, we know that both Cadiz and Huesca will make their grand return to the Spanish top-tier and will then be joined by the third lucky team once the play-offs are finalised in the near future. But the other side of the coin has already been decided – all three of Leganés, Mallorca and Espanyol will now drop down to the Segunda Division following their unsuccessful 2019/20 campaign. 

And this, while ultimately unfortunate for the clubs in question, is a great opportunity for other teams who might be looking for cheap(er) reinforcement. Whenever a club drops down a league, the value of their players subsequently plummets as well. Leganés, Mallorca and Espanyol are no exception and even though they might have some quality players in their ranks, their teams may be raided for potential talents and well-rounded squad players.

For that reason, this data analysis will use statistics to try and identify the best players in these three relegated teams, starting with their defenders. We will assess them on four key metrics we think will give you a good indication of their overall ability and then suggest 10 defenders that might be worth getting for a reduced price.