Best La Liga2 inverted wingers entering their prime


Boasting a second tier that rivals that exceeds the quality of the majority of first divisions, Spain’s Segunda División owns an average squad value that falls inside the top 20 in Europe. It has become a launchpad for promising youngsters and mid-20s professionals looking to make the jump into one of Europe’s top five leagues.

As you browse the squad list on Transfermarkt, a couple of the trends you’ll notice is that the majority of the league’s player valuation come from players in their late teens to mid-20s. In many squads, you’ll notice the side is typically rounded off with experienced players, many of which are former La Liga competitors. 

The squad composition of La Liga2 sides is a fascinating one as it offers a pathway for top, young professionals, but also puts them in contact and competition with players who have already experienced the highs and lows of top division football. This unique environment is an exceptional proving ground for those players looking to make the jump into a top-five league.

Rather than focusing on the U24 player pool, many of which are owned by clubs in the top five leagues, this data analysis will hone in on the undervalued talents who are entering or are early in their prime years. Knowing that these players are entering their best years, they’re nearly a finished product, which, in turn, eliminates the speculation of player potential at the bargaining tables. The objective here is known production from undervalued assets who are entering their peak production years. 

Applying 10 key metrics through five visualisations, this analysis will produce a shortlist of 10 players, identifying top bargains in this chaotic market. As these players are either entering or are into their early prime years, they offer value, experience and a great chance of instant production. As the transfer window opens, these players make ideal targets for cash-strapped clubs that utilise an inverted winger.