Best U23 strikers in Europe under €5m from the top 5 leagues


In the current times, a lot of clubs have shifted their transfer policy to signing younger players and essentially valuing potential over current ability. This trend however, has led to a significant increase in the value of young players, making them harder targets to sign for clubs with lower transfer budgets. Nevertheless, there are still young players full of potential with a low market value out there. This might be because they are just taking the first steps in top-flight football, play in smaller clubs that need to sell players more often, or any number of other reasons. The point is that we know where to look in order to find those players.

With that in mind, this data analysis will use statistics to try and find the best strikers under the age of 23 from the top 5 European leagues with a market value of 5 million euros or less. For that, we will analyse key metrics for the position to measure the player’s performances as well as try and identify some aspects of their style of play, allowing us to compile a final shortlist of 10 young strikers that could be a good signing within the mentioned price range.