The best defenders from relegated Premier League clubs


The Premier League is arguably the most difficult league to play in and surviving a full campaign without getting relegated is a feat in itself. But, as with everything in life, in football, there are winners and losers. For Watford, Bournemouth and Norwich City, the challenge was unfortunately too big and they ended up in the latter category.

But even with that being said, there are undoubtedly many players in their squads that are still good enough to play at a high level and could also be looking to jump ship to avoid playing in the second tier. This, of course, could suddenly give other teams a great opportunity to scoop up quality personnel for a reasonable price, even getting a discount as the relegated players' value inevitably drops.

Manchester City are one of the clubs who have already pulled the trigger, scooping up Nathan Aké from Bournemouth, albeit they were not able to negotiate a much lower price due to the player's exceptionally high quality. But there are other players very much worth another look and chasing them could prove to be a smart move.

For that reason, this data analysis will use statistics to try and identify the best players in these three relegated teams, starting with their defenders. We will assess them on four key metrics we think will give you a good indication of their overall ability and then suggest eight defenders that might be worth getting for a reduced price.