The best strikers from the bottom half of Ligue 1


The 2019/20 seasons ended abruptly in France with Ligue 1 deciding not to play any more games once the pandemic hit. This means that the table stayed as it was the moment the league had stopped.

PSG won the title yet again, with Marseille and Rennes going to the Champions League. However, we will focus more on the bottom half of the league this time. 

The 10 bottom teams in Ligue 1 whose strikers we will be analysing are, in order: Angers, Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest, Metz, Dijon, Saint-Étienne, Nimes, Amiens, and Toulouse. 

This season also presents an interesting opportunity for other teams because there could be some clubs that could have moved up the rankings if the season went on as usual, but alas, they did not get that chance. That means that their players’ value has dropped due to the final positioning but their quality still remains the same. 

For example, Saint-Étienne finished 17th but had an amazing run in the Coupe de France where they reached the final and contested gave PSG a run for their money. 

Precisely for that reason, this data analysis will use statistics to try and identify the best strikers in the teams that finished in the bottom half of Ligue 1. We will assess them on four key metrics we think will give you a good indication of their overall ability and then suggest 10 strikers that might be worth looking into.