The best U23 centre-backs in Austria’s second division


In the recent years, RB Salzburg, Austria Vienna and LASK Linz have been the three clubs in Austria that produced a huge part of the talent pool which now plays in the Austrian Bundesliga or even abroad. The second teams of all three clubs play in the second Austrian division and the players who exit their youth academies can immediately gain experience in this league.

Apart from that, other clubs in this division use a lot of young players either from their own academies or they sign players on loan and permanent deals from the Austrian Bundesliga clubs. Due to this, it is not a huge surprise that according to Transfermarkt in the season 2019/20, SV Ried and SV Lafnitz are the only two teams in the league which have an average squad age above 25. Therefore, there are several promising talents in this league.

In this report, we will use data to identify the most interesting centre-backs in the second Austrian tier and then provide you with a shortlist of 10 players who stand out the most